When He Comes

Eventually death comes for each of us. This past year it seems to surround me. Many of my friends and some acquaintances slip into an illness and soon meet the Lord. Age is no determiner of this certain event. Young and old alike experience this journey – from this world into the next.

This is a website of hope and truth. The hope lies in the destination in which one spends eternity after death. Specifically, hope lies in the person one trusts for his/her destiny. I testify truly, that those who put their faith in Jesus Christ for their salvation and eternal rest die with a noticeable peace and contentment compared to those who do not make this choice.

I spoke with several of my dying friends near their departure. It was always the same with those who trusted Christ with their future destinations. They were more certain than ever that Heaven existed, that Jesus was there, and some claimed they saw this place and the Savior. Though they each voiced concern for their loved ones they would leave behind, total peace and excitement for their new home controlled our discussions as their time on earth grew short. On the other hand, my friends who chose not to accept Christ for their hope and eternity showed anxiety and insecurity about what lay ahead for them. Those family members who believed Jesus as the One Who possessed power over death also spoke of celebrating their loved one’s passing. The families who did not know Christ as Savior expressed deep sorrow about their loss and said they did not know if they would see him/her again in the afterlife.

When He comes for you, will you welcome Him at your parting, or will you fear, even dread what lies ahead? Peace is yours through trust in Jesus as the perfect Lamb of God, the sacrifice Whose shed blood paid your sin debt and blotted out all that separated you from spending eternity in Heaven with Him. This same blood restored fellowship with the God Who created you and all life in the beginning and forevermore.

Trust Him today. Thank Him for dying for your sins and ask Him to come and be a living part of your daily life. Then when death knocks on your door, you can look forward to entering through that door and joining Him, Jesus, for an eternal life full of joy and purpose and service in His new Kingdom. Leave your family members the peace of knowing Who you trusted for your eternal life. It makes all the difference.

About thehopebeacon

Wecome to my blog! I am a Christian wife, mother, and grandmother who wants to share my lifetime experiences with those who share the same interests and roles. I served as an educator for twenty-one years as both a classroom teacher and an Instructional Services Consultant. Most recently I chose to write children's books. This new path as an author led me to create this website. I seek to inspire, uplift, encourage, and advise those who come here who share common interests or life experiences as myself.
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