Peace and Tranquility – Priceless

Life is so hectic these days. Many sink under the weight of stress, schedules, and demands placed on them by self, bosses, family, finances, and other’s expectations for them. Is this really the abundant life Jesus promised? Or, is this the lifestyle referenced in the scriptures where young men will faint from the “hurry-scurry” times prophesied?

I think most people seek peace and calmness. For me, that comes with sitting quietly in the presence of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Creator of all that we see and don’t see. Knowing that He is aware of our weakness as mere dust, and responding to our needs, our whole body relaxes when we take a few minutes daily to sit in His presence and realize He is in control of all that goes on in this whirlwind of daily life. Just acknowledging Someone more powerful than us is in control of our world, the universe, and my life relaxes me. Too many sources spread messages of doom and gloom, hate and falsehoods across our media! After a while, this fear-contrived world takes its toll in our lives.

I need to actively schedule time with The Source of true peace and encouragement daily to gain a realistic perspective on my life and its circumstances. Once I sit down to study the scriptures and talk with Christ, my body relaxes, and my mind

Gramma Mary sharing devotions with grandchildren on vacation

Gramma Mary sharing devotions with grandchildren on vacation

stops running through scary scenarios that present themselves daily in the news. Just whispering His name calms me down to where I can breathe.

Another way to experience peace is disconnect from all cell phones, television, video games, and technical devices for even a day. Vacations are fraught with men and women checking their messages from work, and foregoing activities with the family, to jump to the requests of their bosses or clients. They aren’t really on vacation at all! 

Children spend too much time on their devices as well – on vacations, when friends and relatives visit, at parties, on dates, etc. The movie Wall-EE suggested a future of obese humans so enthralled and controlled by electronic devices, they no longer Visiting with a dear friend from my past!interacting with any persons any more! I jokingly say, “One day babies will be born with phones attached to their ears!” Sadly, the art of verbal communication is disappearing from our classrooms and gatherings. What is so important that it controls our focus from interacting with those in our presence? Is it no longer considered bad manners to ignore people in front of you, or who we are with? The term “rude” comes to mind. Adults and family alike do this.

The point of a family vacation or gathering is to develop and renew relationships. How is that accomplished when there is little or no interaction? Part of the peace we inwardly wish comes from personal relationships! These relationships are


Family celebrating my mother’s 90th birthday!

with the Lord and with other people. How much time do we spend in developing these relationships in today’s societies?

Do you find yourself ignored in homes and gatherings where you seek fellowship and relationship development? Or, do you fiddle on your device when others come to see you? Is it rude to ignore others today, or not? What is your take on this matter?

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