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Wecome to my blog! I am a Christian wife, mother, and grandmother who wants to share my lifetime experiences with those who share the same interests and roles. I served as an educator for twenty-one years as both a classroom teacher and an Instructional Services Consultant. Most recently I chose to write children's books. This new path as an author led me to create this website. I seek to inspire, uplift, encourage, and advise those who come here who share common interests or life experiences as myself.

How do people react to you? Are you a place of safe-harbor, an anchor of hope and security in your relationship to others? Do you draw people toward you when they recognize you in a crowd? Do they see you … Continue reading

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Scripture tells us not to forsake the friends the Lord places in our lives. Proverbs 18:24 says “A man who has too many friends can come to ruin; but there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother .” … Continue reading

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Here it is the end of June already. Time seems to fly by faster all the time. The Fourth of July celebration is next week, and then it’s time for my next book signing of the year! During Mount Ayr … Continue reading

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Burlington Book Signing – Home Again

What a beautiful day for a book signing! Many times during Burlington Steamboat Days, heavy rains and storms interrupt the open-air programs down on the waterfront. This time, it was mostly rain-free! The parade passed in front of the Burlington … Continue reading

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Tend the Garden

This is another post I enjoyed, and wanted you to enjoy it also. Thank you for visiting and reading my website posts. Please leave a comment for me after reading this. Thank you for your time and support! Tend the … Continue reading

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Do you remember your days in high school as being good, bad, lonely, confusing, exciting, or ones you’d like to forget? Most of us would admit that, at times, these feelings existed. But friends could ease those emotions, and their … Continue reading

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Hawaii – Land of Paradise

In early May, my husband and I traveled to Hawaii. We enjoyed exploring two islands of this “paradise” land. First, we went to Kona on the Big Island, and stayed at King’s Land resort for five days. The five pools … Continue reading

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A Delightful Mother/Daughter Brunch

This year’s Mother/Daughter Brunch impressed all in attendance. Many women and their daughters came, and three men took care of setting up the food in the kitchen. The theme, Women After God’s Own Heart, provided fellowship galore, and breakfast food … Continue reading

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Growing Older

Birthdays are wonderful milestones that remind us of the gift of life and how precious life is. The scriptures say God recorded the days of my life even in my mother’s womb. He knows when my time on earth will … Continue reading

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Just Some Vanilla

I read this on another person’s blog, and it touched my heart deeply. I decided to post it for my visitors to read. I hope you it enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for coming by! Just Some … Continue reading

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