Hawaii – Land of Paradise


The southern most tip of the United States, Big Island, Hawaii. Taken from our helicopter.

In early May, my husband and I traveled to Hawaii. We enjoyed exploring two islands of this “paradise” land. First, we went to Kona on the Big Island, and stayed at King’s Land resort for five days. The five pools were amazing, along with a hot tub. We watched young people perform at a luau our first night on the grassy lawn while we ate supper. This was not the traditional luau with the roasted pig and all the island foods, but it was a cultural introduction to Hawaii’s past and current beliefs and values. The atmosphere was laid back, and warm.

The next day we met with a concierge to plan our days on that

Posing with our pilot, Kogi, after landing.

Posing with our pilot, Kogi, after landing.

island. We reserved the traditional luau for Mother’s Day, and a tour on the Atlantis, a submarine ride, for Monday. We ended up reserving a helicopter ride for that same day, so we went from 105 feet below the ocean for almost an hour, to the skies over the entire island for the next 2 1/2 hours. The volcano was impressive! Our pilot was a native to the island, and sought out places in the volcano where the boiling lava appeared below us. He showed us the Kona coffee plantations, the macadamia nut farms, the rain forest, the snow-capped mountains in the north, and magnificent waterfalls. On the eastern coast, a full-circle rainbow appeared near this huge waterfall, and it seemed to follow us up the coast for a while.

My husband and I rented a car when we arrived, so we drove to

Lava shoreline on Big Island, Hawaii.

Lava shoreline on Big Island, Hawaii.

parts of the island to view the ocean scenery from the land. We also discovered a railroad museum, and a lighthouse. During the chopper ride, Kogi, our pilot, showed us other lighthouses around the island. People on the island were friendly and willing to share knowledge about their islands. They reminded us of Iowans, in that way. We traveled to the Big Island Cookie Factory. They actually have a glass closed-in plant where workers make and package these countless varieties of candies and cookies, and then a floor room where you sample and buy the boxed desserts.

Entering the submarine, Atlantis.

Entering the submarine, Atlantis.

As guests at King’s Land resort, we had access to Waikaloa Village Resort. It was huge with swimming pools and beaches, an island tram and boat that took us around the resort, waterfalls, a dolphin watch area, a snorkeling, area, lots of food stands, and much, much more.

Inside the submarine. Note the depth sign at 99 feet!

Inside the submarine. Note the depth sign at 99 feet!

  • This resort is where we attended the big luau. We sat at a table
    Fire Dancers during Luau

    Fire Dancers during Luau

    across from Japanese newly weds, newly weds from Ohio, and next to Owen sat a man from England, and then two women from Memphis, Tennessee! The show was terrific. We learned that the hula originally had no hip movements, only hand movement that

    Audience participation doing the hula at the luau!

    Audience participation doing the hula at the luau!

    told the story of their origins and customs. Later, Polynesians added the hip movements to the dance. The fire dancers impressed the audience with their skill and risk taking. Audience participants chosen by the dance staff to learn the hula put on quite a show, too. Some lacked rhythm big-time! At our table, we all laughed and thanked the Lord we weren’t the entertainment.

USS Arizona underway grave

USS Arizona underway grave

We flew to Honolulu airport after five nights, and stayed at the Waikiki Hawaiian Resort. I finally stepped into the Pacific Ocean, something I always wanted to do. Between the nine towers of hotels, and at least seven pools, and beach, water surrounded us. Tons of food stands and restaurants, shops, and entertainment filled this resort. Owen and I toured Pearl Harbor Museum with the USS Arizona Memorial, and the USS Missouri – somber and impressive activities. Though we loved our time on the islands, we felt ready for home.

The USS Missouri - the Mighty MO

The USS Missouri – the Mighty MO

I wondered as I viewed these islands and their beauty, how would they compare to heaven. When the Lord removes the curse from humanity and the earth, and renews the world after His final return, would any of these places like Hawaii, the Grand canyon, Niagara Falls, etc. reappear on the new earth? Whatever, the Lord does will be amazing!

Have you ever traveled to a place of beauty and wonder? Please share with me your experiences. Thank you for visiting my website, thehopebeacon.wordpress.com, and reading my posts!

Ready to tour the Big Island vis helicopter!

Ready to tour the Big Island via helicopter!

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