Cade, 14, after taking the plunge for Jesus, in obedience of baptism

Cade, 14, after taking the plunge for Jesus, in obedience of baptism

Our son called and invited us to spend Easter weekend with his family. He told us that his family decided to get baptized during the Easter service. We agreed to come down and attend church, and watch their testimony to follow Jesus in this act. We discussed what to bring for the meal, and when we’d travel to their home.


Heath, 10, holding his towel after being baptized on Easter Sunday!

Easter morning arrived, and off to church we went. There were fifteen people scheduled for this event, but several more joined them after a clear presentation of the gospel, and how baptism relates to the death and resurrection of Christ.

Right before the message ended, those who committed to baptism moved quietly to the right side of the church sanctuary behind curtains on the stage. When the time arrived for the baptisms, our oldest grandson, 14, appeared from around the curtain first. Next came our 10 year-old grandson, then his mother, followed by our son. Tears of joy and pride flowed down my cheeks

Our daughter-in-law, Carrie being baptized

Our daughter-in-law, Carrie being baptized

unashamedly. The rest continued until all completed this act of obedience to our Lord and Savior. Afterwards, we went to our son’s home and shared Easter dinner together. I told them each how proud I was of their decision to obey Christ’s command to be baptized. 

My grandson asked me earlier if I wanted to be baptized with them. I told him I already did that years ago, about a year after I accepted Christ as my Savior. Where I went to church, there was no baptismal. I was baptized in a lake nearby with 27 other believers. I remembered how cold I felt before my turn. But after giving my testimony, and the pastor baptized me, I felt great! I thanked Pastor Davis for baptizing me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeath laughed when I said I froze in the lake water. Talking about my experience brought back wonderful memories of my new found faith in Christ, and the friends that took the plunge with me that year. It renewed my commitment and love for how the Lord works in my life, even now!

Later that day, my husband and I returned home in Iowa. We thanked the Lord for a blessed Easter, and for each of our family members.

Our son being baptized on Easter Sunday

Our son being baptized on Easter Sunday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat are your memories associated with Easter, the resurrection, or baptism? Were you sprinkled, or immersed? Do you know the significance of baptism through full immersion?

I welcome your comments and thoughts on this post, and look forward to you sharing with me. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

May the Lord richly bless and encourage you through His ministry of this website! He is worthy of your love and devotion, and I thank Him for each person who visits and reads these posts. Thank you for your time and support!

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  1. Kathie Patton says:

    I was baptized by immersion when I was 11 years old but I didn’t have a close relationship with Jesus until I started going to Trinity Church. Then My grandson Brett Tharp and my daughter Rhonda, and son- in- law Doug went forward and were baptized. That was a very happy day for me to see the change it made in their lives. Later My daughters Karmen and Pamela and Granddaughter Kelsey went forward and were baptized at Trinity Christian Church that same day I went forward and rededicated my life to Jesus.That was a very Special day for me. Then about 2 years ago my husband Gary accepted Jesus and was baptized. Our family have been so richly blessed by our Lord Jesus and I will always be so thankful for our salvation. ❤


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