Easter – A Time of Renewal


Easter comes an opportunity to reflect and evaluate my life. Last fall was a tough year for my hubby and me. I spent a lot of time in the hospital with illnesses, and in-between my mother died. Four days after she died, our beloved dog, Nestley died, too. Since Thanksgiving and Christmas fell right after these events, Easter was the first holiday I was well enough to feel the effect of not having my Mama around to celebrate it. She loved Easter, and what it meant for humanity.

My mom enjoyed the new sprouts of plant life springing up everywhere out of the ground, on trees, and bushes. New calves and colts populated the countryside, and their dependence on their mothers touched her heart tenderly. The visible signs of renewal placed hope in the hearts of people of all ages.

Easter sets other faiths apart. Without the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, no hope for eternal life with God is possible. The perfect, unblemished Lamb of God bore my sins on His body on the cross; therefore, He paid my sin debt in full through His blood sacrifice. In addition, His bodily resurrection proved Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah, the One Who alone was approved by His Father to satisfy the requirements for restoration of fellowship with a Holy God.  The mother, Mary, I’m sure like any mother, would offer to die in His place, but her death would not be the same! She, a sinner herself, needed like the rest of us, a sinless sacrifice to complete the mission – reconciliation of sinful people to God.

What a comfort to know that Christ provides the way for that communion. What a comfort to know my mother knew Christ as her Savior, and trusted in Him, and Him alone to give her eternal life in the kingdom of God. She accepted Christ as her Savior and admitted she sinned and needed His forgiveness. Mom believed He was Who He said He was, the One God sent to save us from our sins – the way, the truth, and the life – that no one comes to the Father except through Jesus (John 14:6). She confessed with her mouth Jesus as Lord, and believed in her heart that God raised Him from the dead; thus, she was saved (Romans 9:10).

My mother’s A, B, C, action (accepted, believed, confessed) renewed her fellowship with God. Because I did the same actions as Mom, our fellowship renewal awaits in heaven one day, too. I look forward to that time of reunion with her and the Lord!

What about you? Loss of someone you love impacts us all. Do you celebrate Easter and the Lord’s resurrection? Is there someone with whom you look forward to reuniting someday? I welcome your thoughts about this post. Thank you for visiting my website.

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Wecome to my blog! I am a Christian wife, mother, and grandmother who wants to share my lifetime experiences with those who share the same interests and roles. I served as an educator for twenty-one years as both a classroom teacher and an Instructional Services Consultant. Most recently I chose to write children's books. This new path as an author led me to create this website. I seek to inspire, uplift, encourage, and advise those who come here who share common interests or life experiences as myself.
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