Have you ever thought about how incredible your body is? Sometimes I am awe-struck by the incredible complexity my body exhibits. The highways of nerves and veins, arteries, and blood flow that actively exists within each one of us is fascinating. The organs function together and perform automatically without anyone flipping on a switch!

Then I think about how every bit of me is held together – inside and out – like stitches hold together fabric. We can’t see any stitches because there aren’t any. Yet, we hold together. How is this possible?

For Me He Died


In Colossians 1: 17, the Bible tells me all things are held together by Christ, the Creator of everything (vs. 16). Jesus is pre-eminent above all, and we exist for Him and by Him (16 & 18). The Lord holds my body, this world, and the entire universes in tact Himself. He can do that because He’s God Creator, but He also created something called laminin. This is literally the “glue” that holds our cells together. Most incredible, laminin’s shape is a cross! Watch the video below.


What are your thoughts about this topic?  Please leave your response. Thank you for visiting my website.

About thehopebeacon

Wecome to my blog! I am a Christian wife, mother, and grandmother who wants to share my lifetime experiences with those who share the same interests and roles. I served as an educator for twenty-one years as both a classroom teacher and an Instructional Services Consultant. Most recently I chose to write children's books. This new path as an author led me to create this website. I seek to inspire, uplift, encourage, and advise those who come here who share common interests or life experiences as myself.
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