New Life

Signs of Spring

We in the Midwest look forward to Spring. This winter seems especially long, so warmer temperatures and sunny days bring much desired change.

Newness of life is another precious part of springtime. Lots of babies appear from all types of animals, and beautiful flowers emerge from barren landscapes painting colors everywhere. This presents a contrast to the white snow-covered earth. The transformation motivates people to plant vegetable gardens, take walks, ride bikes, plan outdoor cook-outs and activities, and enjoy the sunshine outdoors.

As a middle-school teacher, I told my students they pass through a process of transformation called puberty. They might not like the way they look during this process, but soon they emerge as incredible young adults much like caterpillars transform into gorgeous butterflies. In 2 Corinthians 5:17, the Bible says people who choose Christ as their Savior are new creations, and old things pass away, and new things replace them.

We continue transforming daily from one degree to another as we grow in our grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 3:18). How wonderful it is that we do not have to wait till Spring for our involvement in this transformation process. We can draw closer daily when we seek to have the mind of Christ 365 days a year through prayer, reading God’s Word, meeting with other Christians, by attending Bible Studies, Sunday School classes, church, or just fellowshipping while sharing a meal or shopping together.

Spiritual growth is not an automatic process like puberty is for teens. It requires daily surrender of life and time. In order to get acquainted with someone, we must spend time with him/her and learn all we can. It’s a two-way relationship where both parties converse and grow in their knowledge and love for each other.

How are you doing with this process? Are you a Christian? How have you grown in your relationship to Christ since He became your Savior? What are you doing differently to build that relationship this year compared to last year? How much time do you spend with other Christians weekly compared with those who don’t know Him?

I find if I don’t schedule time with the Lord, our meeting doesn’t happen. Do you have a daily time scheduled with Him for prayer and reading the Bible? What needs transformed in your life to adopt the mind of Christ? Are you working on a plan to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ? He offers you and me hope that no one else can.  I hope you consider these questions. Please leave a reply. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post.

About thehopebeacon

Wecome to my blog! I am a Christian wife, mother, and grandmother who wants to share my lifetime experiences with those who share the same interests and roles. I served as an educator for twenty-one years as both a classroom teacher and an Instructional Services Consultant. Most recently I chose to write children's books. This new path as an author led me to create this website. I seek to inspire, uplift, encourage, and advise those who come here who share common interests or life experiences as myself.
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