Mary Martsching - Hostess & Author

Mary Martsching – Hostess & Author

Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Mary Martsching, and my goal is to encourage you on this site.

Born and raised in Burlington, Iowa, I loved living on the Mississippi River and watching steamboats, barges, and speed boats pulling skiers up and down the water. Trains crossed our river via a swinging railroad bridge and ran through our town daily all day and night.

Though I was a city girl, I married a farm boy and eventually lived on a farm in Yarmouth, Iowa. I learned to appreciate the process of farming from planting to harvesting. How fulfilling to watch something you create comes to full fruition!

I taught middle school, elementary school, and worked as an area education agency consultant. In the last position I modeled reading strategies for teachers in their classrooms. I also worked with special education teachers about behavioral and academic concerns.

Now I write mysteries and adventure stories for children ages 8-12. This new adventure includes creating this website and writing these posts to develop new relationships with those with similar experiences, values, and interests.

Again, thank you for joining me, and I hope you become part of this adventure!

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